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The Catholic music of the ages, the music that the Church tells us is “of inestimable value,” must be heard again in our parishes, carried in our hearts, and passed on to the next generation.

The CMAA is helping this to happen in our time. Join us!

CMAA membership makes you part of a large and growing community of musicians and others interested in high musical ideals in Catholic liturgy. Members receive each issue of Sacred Music published during the year.

Membership is now available through our MEMBER PORTAL

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Your support makes possible the work of the Church Music Association of America. Together, we’re sharing the Church’s ideals for sacred music everywhere: through our quarterly journal Sacred Music, through the new books and classic books we publish, through the Sacred Music Colloquium and other educational events, through the great resources we distribute free for downloading, and through our web sites, The Chant Café, New Liturgical Movement, and the Musica Sacra Forum.

Annual membership qualifies you for discounted admission to CMAA’s events and brings you every issue of Sacred Music for the rest of the calendar year.

To join the CMAA, please visit our member portal. You can join as an individual member or with a parish membership. You can also choose automatic renewal.


Member-only access to previous events, as well as digital access to current Sacred Music journals are available at the Member portal.

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