Everyday Coupons

If your order is for $100 or more in a combination of products from the CMAA Shop, you’re welcome to apply one of these coupon codes to your order:

  • For orders of $100 to $199, use take10 for a 10% discount
  • For orders of $200 to $299, use take15 for a 15% discount
  • For orders of $300 or more, use take20 for a 20% discount

Qualifying orders:
These coupon codes apply only to books and CDs purchased through the CMAA Shop and may not apply to books that are priced at our lowest pricing already (such as the Parish Book of Motets).

This offer does not apply to bulk order sales on this site (which are already discounted), to products purchased through other sellers (such as Lulu or Amazon); to membership dues or event fees.

CMAA reserves the right to change or modify these discount offers, but for now, you’re welcome to use them on any qualifying order.