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100 songs, melodies, and exercises for the classroom

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This book provides 100 songs, melodies, and musical exercises to be used in music lessons and choir rehearsals based on the Ward Method. Starting with a song of only one word, Deus, and two tones, it introduces melodic and rhythmic skills step by step, until, at song 100, the class is ready to sing a two-part choral song including a mode change. The selections in the book include play songs, folk songs, Gregorian antiphons, and melodies from classical works.

“What a wonderful songbook! The selection is super, and a collection like this will certainly fill a void. Wilko Brouwers has done a great job: really one of the best Ward songbooks ever. Bravo!”
Jeffrey Morse

“This book is so good I can hardly believe it. It is as good as the Hindemith collection. I find myself laughing out loud in singing through these playful and colorful tunes and words. Children will love them all! His understanding of a child’s delight has inspired every page.”
Scott Turkington

130 pages. Case of 35 copies

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